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3D printing services are provided through Make Mode, an independent company within the BF+DA.


  • 3D print presentation models, custom marketing and advertising materials, models and figurines, rapid prototype your designs, and more.
  • 3D print in full-color sandstone and hard plastic

To inquire about printing, contact 3D Print.


What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing that allows for high-speed rapid prototyping and small run manufacturing based on a digital model of an object. There are many types of 3D printing that vary by both process and material and each has specific advantages. However, at a very basic level, most forms of 3D printing consist of taking a digital file of an object and using software to slice the model into a large number of very thin slices. Those slices are then sent as instructions to the 3D printer which will take a specific material and lay that down according to those slices, one layer at a time, binding them together until the full object has been formed. Learn more about the basics of 3D printing.

Can I see examples of 3D Printing?

A 3D print wrench prototype that was made by Make Mode. A 3D print iterative design model made by Make Mode. A color 3D print model made by Make Mode.

3D printing is used as a rapid prototyping and short-run manufacturing tool across many industries. From industrial design to advertising/event promotion to entrepreneurship, there are countless uses for 3D printing. From full color presentation models to durable, functional parts, 3D printing can be a very powerful tool.

How Do I Begin a 3D Printing Project?

To start your 3D printing project, please fill out this form to tell us a bit more about what you would like to accomplish and take the following into consideration:

  1. Create your Model – Do you have a model that is 3D print ready? This can be a complicated process if you are not familiar with the details of printability. If you are not familiar with 3D design, there is free design software available such as SketchUp that can help get you started. There is also a wide variety of open source 3D models available for free on platforms such as Thingiverse.
  2. Material – What material properties are you looking for in your 3D print? Full color and meant for presentations/display? Or hard plastic meant for functional use?┬áLearn about the details of different 3D printing materials.
  3. Quantity – How many prints do you need?
  4. Due Date – When do you need them by?